Change is the fundamental premise of Agile. A team practising Agile always welcomes change. The challenge arises when the changes introduced do not align with the primary objective of the application. Though Agile teams welcome change, we need to assess if the change is really necessary and if so, do we need to change now?

Some of the questions which can help do it quickly are

  1. Is the change inline with the primary objective of the project? If the project started out as a platform to enable peer-to-peer micro financing and now we are trying to enable financing through banks, it is not likely aligned with the primary objective.
  2. Are we planning a production release next week and the change would require 3 – 4 days of implementation and testing? If yes, maybe this is not the right time to make this change.
  3. Is the change going to affect the most important use cases in the application and would require more time testing than making the change? If this is the case, maybe this change is not required at this moment.
  4. Does this change add significant value to the user’s experience? If no, we can choose to not do it right now.
  5. Is the change directly related to increased revenue or customer acquisition? If no, maybe it is not required.

Before introducing any changes, a lot of thought has to go in validating the need for the change.

In addition to that it is critical to assess the impact of the change. Bringing about a change because Agile facilitates changes, is bad idea.